Moonlit Morro Bay

Puppeteer (Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco)

Angel of Light

Big Sur Rain Forest

Cathedral Glow

Magnetism (California Coast)

Fine Art Photo Prints

California native JoJo Shaiken photographs honor the places he loves. Traveling to each location often hundreds or even thousands of times, he tunes into the unique magic that each place has to share.

With many dynamic microclimates on California’s coast, light can change in an instant. One of JoJo’s most amazing captures, “Epic Cayucos,” was recorded on a rainy day when the skies were completely gray right up until the last few minutes before sunset.

Always searching for the rarest, one-of-a-kind moments of light, JoJo relies on the magic light of these beloved places as well as his inner voice to guide him into ideal conditions to create photographs.

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